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Beatboxing. From a young age SES Da Great connected with music and may not have been aware. Amazed by the way beats we’re orchestrated together to enhance an artist’s lyrics, SES grew closer and passionate about music. He would later come to the realization that much like his second profession, architecture, music was the culmination of many different pieces to form a complete project.

Sound Engineering. In his self built recording studio (Ma’at Recordings) he designs music in his own design. Literally. From mixing tracks to blending instruments and voices with intent to create balanced and clean vocals- SES Da Great meticulously architects the sound to embody an artist’s vision. When asked to give one word to describe his thoughts on sound engineering he used the word “tedious”. “It’s takes an experienced ear, a lot of tweaking, and time, but I wouldn’t describe it as hard.” SES is very adamant about producing and working on music that exemplifies the T.R.U.S.I.C values and beliefs (TRUSIC = true righteous unique successful inspiring and creative).

Beat production. SES Da Great also produces beats from scratch. With his natural ear for music, SES produces original instrumentation for Hiphop, R&B, and EDM. Since his introduction to the process of creating music that he learned from his friends in college, SES has built a strong independent career in music. Piece by piece. A microphone here, a keyboard there, and speakers when he could fit it in his budget, SES Da Great has acquired much and is prepared for any session to succeed. Now he runs one of the most referred to studios in Newburgh, NY; whenever professionalism, high quality sound, and comfortability is needed, artists go to him. Mixing and mastering, in music and in life, is what producing is all about to SES Da Great. Oh, and he raps. Like really really good! See his greatness for yourself at

Favorite quote:
“The greatest tragedy of life is for a man to die with his music still in him.”

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