Amani O+

Amani O+

If a need for social justice wasn’t present and there wasn’t a calling for artistic expressions we might have missed her. Amani O+ short for, Amani Olugbala, is an Artistic Activist. She uses her creative energy to promote an open space to allow dialogue between everyone making it easier for a conscious crowd to integrate Social Justice. She is a creative coach. She feels as if “art is the reflection about what is going on around us. Art is apArt of everything.” Amani O+’s poems and writings can cover any topics from feminism or passing legislation. She tends to be the one who leaps at the opportunity to push a movement instead of just participating. In any performance given by Amani O+ the purpose is to make it possible for the art, less of herself, to touch other lives in the community.

While studying History at Sienna College in Albany she gained the nickname “Advocate”. Triple A. Artistic. Activist. Advocate. Quite different dynamic titles or do they all mean the same? Hard work was nothing new to Amani O+. Rallying and hosting Open Mic Nights was just the beginning of her journey. When asked, “What comes from being an Artistic Activist?” she answered, “Restrictions, balances, and navigation is what comes along with it , but the true gain is having the chance to allow art to mean something to people lives the community and others”. Amani O+ is all about informing and entertaining. She enjoys performing and giving her all into her set. Appreciative of all who come out and blesses her with their presence, she wants to make it clear that being an Artistic Activist is a passion for everyone to enjoy. An emotional circumstance sparked the revolutionist’s flame and God Bless whoever tries to put it out.

“It is an artist duty to reflect upon”- Nina Simone

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